Hulk vs The Avengers : RANDOM MARVEL Episode 1

Episode one of Coulter Rail’s animated, super hero, smash down series, “RANDOM MARVEL”. The Hulk has escaped from a secret SHIELD facility and is on his usual rampage. With the bulk of the Avengers on assignment, it’s up to Captain America and Iron Man to stop the Hulk. In need of aid, they recruit Spider-man and Wolverine to join the maelstrom of events that is “Hulk vs The Avengers.” SHIELD episode one (The Phantom Signal) RANDOM MARVEL episode two (Fantastic Foursome)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Hulk vs The Avengers : RANDOM MARVEL Episode 1

  1. jo3dapo3 says:

    Hahaha, I love it, but why is Captain America so English sounding? That’s my favorite bit to be honest

  2. TheCallysan says:

    Not bad!

  3. dondii2545fdsf says:

    The Hulk Vs -SpiderMan Iron Man Captain America Wolverine

  4. Uchiha Naruto says:

    a eso le llamo tener pasiensia para hacer tantos movimientos de esos muñecos y mas para tomarle tantisima foto jeje

  5. Ader Man says:

    good effort

  6. tascachao says:

    me ace acordar a kblam

  7. samoajoeisthebest says:


  8. roccoplus100 says:

    Ok parabéns deve ter dado um trabalhão para fazer isto, mas quem fez não tem noção da força do Hulk pra fazer o capitão américa dando uma surra nele

  9. tashan1000 says:

    An Unlikely win but ok

  10. truthspeakerism says:

    very well done but iron man should have done better and i have no idea where Marvel got the idea that Wolverine could ever hold his own against the Hulk-no way! But all the same-well done! i loved the commentary and the funny voices-more marvel than marvel i say!

  11. corey mckay says:

    how long did it take to make this

  12. souloftheage says:

    “I smell punk-ass kid….and AXE”.

  13. souloftheage says:

    It’s videos like this that give me hope for humanity..

  14. Brooklus says:

    Like your figurse how did you make him brake the glass

  15. Adais2003 says:

    lmao did Capt. America just say communist? lol

  16. RJsYourBOSS says:

    “I don’t have a chest lazer Tony” – Spiderman
    ahahhaah that was great

  17. fifibelle45 says:


  18. VHMB313 says:

    LMFAO! Captain America – “Communist!” 😀

  19. faiz101haha says:

    where u but those dude, btw ur video looks cool tho

  20. wasted42db says:

    Those effects

  21. ilovejesus84 says:

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  22. marco orihuela says:

    cool i like it

  23. Nivethin11 says:

    Took u a long time

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