Pranks – Vol. 3

People really brought their A game this April for the Break prank contest. These are all gems featuring a mother scared into labor, a rat trap revenge, and more.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Pranks – Vol. 3

  1. 11Neji11Hyuga11 says:

    That 2nd one was fucking horrible.

  2. GazaColin says:

    Omg her water broke

  3. Charmaine Lim says:

    The last guy is so cute… 😉

  4. ShtongiOriginal says:

    i need your help pls. don’t let him do this to me!! I’ve uploaded a video to my channel that explains it all. pls help me.

  5. Este Ornelas says:

    you were born by a pranked pregnant woman

  6. TheNicestream says:

    PVP SANNN !!!

  7. kaan battal says:


  8. wildernes84 says:

    We’re done tim.
    Fuck you.

  9. xbox360striker0 says:

    Most of these videos with the girls in them always have big boobies

  10. kevin huiskamp says:

    Well that scared the baby out of her

  11. summer brooks says:

    i don’t think people are gonna think you the legit obama and why would you be on a prank video? it’s just retarded

  12. Montrell Coats says:

    omg her water broke lol

  13. ElemenohpeeHD says:

    if shes gonna say “were done” after a revenge prank, or even at anything. u dont belong with her

  14. yubedude07 says:

    Wtf are you talking about

  15. Jair Dantas says:


  16. alexandre heese says:

    payback bitch:)

  17. Barack Obama says:


  18. monaz kaira says:

    i guess white people more matured,

  19. brettathias says:

    i don’t see how the hanging one was possible

  20. Dekendrick Gray says:


  21. HorsMen9925 says:

    In the first prank, her shit went a lot faster that usual -_-

  22. Miles Kim says:

    At 3:29, I thought the marbles were thumb tacks. XD

  23. TheMetalKS says:

    Agreed it was like watching Saw 🙁

  24. wnampror says:

    wtf ? don’t prank pregnant woman. Stupid people

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