Annoying Orange – The Exploding Orange

FREE version of my video game Kitchen Carnage: iTunes: Android: Orange gets the hiccups, and then finds out fruit explode when they get them! RETWEET: OUTTAKES: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: MY WEBSITE: WATCH MY EPISODES! http STARRING: SMOSH as BANANAS: iJUSTINE as PASSION FRUIT: KEVIN BRUECK as KIWI: CREATED BY: DANEBOE: DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL: DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL:

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25 Responses to Annoying Orange – The Exploding Orange

  1. ctoddy18 says:

    SMOSH ARE THE BANANAS *favourited, liked, shared…*

  2. Aarecan says:

    1497 people got the hiccups

  3. Snowwhite Articfox says:

    And IJustine is the passion fruit!!! 🙂

  4. thecrazysocklover says:

    Did your keyboard expload.

  5. InsaneTMNTfan14 says:

    Smosh Bananas!!

  6. Akmal Orifkhonov says:

    Wait orange said what the hell!

  7. thehit44 says:


  8. rileyfriberg says:

    The way to get the hiccups away ia that u need to be scared if it doesnt work than keep doing it about and hour later

  9. CassidyPadillaHecox says:

    Noooooooo cut the gorilla open and get them back

  10. Ubrzani says:

    I like having hiccups because I hiccup in myself. 😀

  11. jackie gorham says:

    great job smosh! love ya

  12. GeorgeCoolest says:

    I hold my breath

  13. kok ziching says:

    Smosh NOOOoO

  14. TheKantomaster says:

    Create a vacuum in ur lungs (breathe all the air out and close ur lips and suck inward but it has to feel like a vacuum) it works every time (also works if u have to burp or feel gasy)

  15. Cianni Morales says:

    Oraange has got onme cracked tounge

  16. TheRedboyx says:

    Hikkop hey..hikkop dem…………bamm!

  17. dardyboy300 says:

    im an aboriginal. and i know that boomarangs are from australia not new zealand

  18. iluvfantage123 says:

    I don’t…

  19. TheNintendobomb says:

    Drinking water then trying to burp (It tealy works)

  20. Clara Méndez Romero says:

    drinking a glass of water without breathing 😉

  21. mobiisxd says:

    O.o orange nver said bad words in my world XD

  22. SkateRockPlay says:


  23. purplesmileymonster says:

    Drinking water upside down

  24. Madison Chapman says:

    orange : well that explains everything and the boomarangs
    Anthony : I told you were bananas !

  25. aidan burgess says:


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