Beyoncé – Dance For You

Music video by Beyoncé performing Dance For You. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Beyoncé – Dance For You

  1. aberry599 says:

    Looking good

  2. Alice Tichá says:

    Krásné <3

  3. savannah hodge says:

    i love this song like crazy

  4. melayisah says:

    This video is too much. I <3 Beyonce. No homo....

  5. hanaj00 says:

    if she does this for jay-z, i’m officially jealous!

  6. scean hans says:

    Imma be honest…..this makes any str8 girl think lesbo……

  7. shaquilasmith54 says:

    Got my homeboy doing this dance

  8. Ian Kuehu says:

    anybody got napkins/tissues

  9. almostfamous123100 says:

    @melanie dube if she did that blue wouldda had a twin

  10. almostfamous123100 says:

    There is no way he couldda kept a straight face I’m a girl and I was like damnnnn

  11. Cydney Black says:

    Who is the random ass white man

  12. Rickvsnewworldorder says:


  13. badandy8888 says:

    That detective man looks creepy

  14. badandy8888 says:

    Blue must have came out grinding.

  15. Dreamer BishesTv says:

    Never gets old. I can’t wait to do this dance for my man.

  16. BabyCakesVEVO says:

    She absolutely slayed.

  17. TheyCallMeBabii says:

    Song sounds ku. Video wack couldn’t even watch it all.

  18. MrsJeremyRenner2012 says:


  19. fabiosmaira911 says:

    Damn girl

  20. qilobaby says:

    Choreography kind of wack. The video ok

  21. cup11champs says:

    She so horny

  22. cup11champs says:

    A white man really do she even like him

  23. 100Marshmallows says:

    love beyonce so sexy ahhhh

  24. brielle914 says:

    Ik rite polo kid

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