Relaxing Music ( Instrumental Piano )

You are always gonna be my love Now and forever YOU are still the one…
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25 Responses to Relaxing Music ( Instrumental Piano )

  1. Anime Jimzz. says:

    just play this song when you are reading a love dounjin ot’s the best beleve me

  2. Darrick Vanderwier says:

    Reminds me of a song called “autumn” by Dave Tebbutt. If you love this tranquility you would probably like that as well.

  3. Darrick Vanderwier says:

    Ahhhhhhhh. So incredibly beautiful!

  4. Yulian Thecikerz says:


  5. nurulain harman says:

    looooove this song

  6. GoBeyondLimit says:

    This song is called First Love by Utada Hikaru (:

  7. FanDeuxChevaux says:

    Magnifique ♥

  8. adam7979 says:

    already answered below.

  9. Chick TM says:

    what’s this song name?

  10. CAVALGRENA says:

    Je suis tombée sur votre vidéo par hasard,et je dois dire que cette chanson m’a beaucoup touchée..

  11. Meis Sommerfield says:

    First LOve- UTADA hikaru

  12. DystopicEdits says:

    What’s the name of the song?

  13. monae michele says:


  14. reach1898 says:

    Very nice! Good for a rainy day.

  15. Jason Samson says:

    Go up to her…you know wat to do 😀

  16. bizlohorungrai says:

    japanese song. so peaceful! !! love it I going to try and learn it!! Amazing!!!!

  17. mikylle07 says:

    very relaxing indeed..esp if youre in a calm environment, what a happy feeling 🙂

  18. RunawayWhispers says:

    This is really soothing. Very sweet music. 🙂

  19. Mimi AJ says:

    So Beautiful!

  20. AWN0054 says:

    I think this is from a japanese song

  21. Anghel060396 says:

    Oye men, apoco borraste la cancion?
    yo la queria oir u.u y no me sale

  22. Aral Benli says:

    i wanna play this where can i find this sheets someone share with me please 

  23. xaxus potato says:

    This song is so beautiful 🙂

  24. bmmild says:

    Utada Hikaru – “First Love”

  25. sitinurul ruqaiyyah says:

    hhhaaa,ape la

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