Can you survive 10 minutes of the afro circus?

This is from a trailer of Madagascar 3 where from what I can tell the penguins have gone missing and the other animals go look for them in Monte Carlo. The animals hides in a circus and…. yeah….. I can’t wait for the movie to come out though

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25 Responses to Can you survive 10 minutes of the afro circus?

  1. MrKawaiia says:


  2. ChicagoGirl2w says:

    It burns my ears!!!!!AHGGHHGH

  3. SarahFer97 says:

    Hardest part was from 0:01 to the end

  4. mindless1Dlover says:

    I did it! Can I have those last 10 minutes back?

  5. Chris Moyer says:

    the best part is definitely 10:05. 

  6. cdjxwubcyex says:

    I did it!!!

  7. Cherakie Watts says:

    2:36 Im dead and my eyes are dry and itchy. ._.

  8. Motgo22 says:

    Thats 10 minutes of my life I will never get back.

  9. Noelia Mercado says:

    i keep at looking in the lower region

  10. Noelia Mercado says:

    done i did it

  11. DirectionerDragons says:

    Didit bring on the 10 hours I ain’t afraid of you

  12. Vivian Goldstein says:

    1:30 in. Make it stop. You’re so funny but i’m goin crazy

  13. TJsverige says:

    just stahp already

  14. Charles Ayala Virtudazo says:

    This Is Really Cool If You Put Dub Step In 10 Hours Or 100 Hours

    (Chalenge Accepted)

  15. MelJW2 says:

    10 hour version please?!

  16. homerzapata17 says:

    Great movie

  17. Israel Zárate Rojas says:


  18. MegaFashionBuzz says:

    Not only did I watch all 10 min and 4 sec of it, I danced and sang along the whole time (:

  19. DeltaFox6 says:

    Done. Bring on the 10 hour version.

  20. glittersnow16 says:

    I can’t it’s too funny the zebra dancing is cute

  21. Rochelle Bell says:

    i can last 10 minutes but now have a head ache

  22. butterhead855 says:

    10 minutes of my life I wasted completing a meaningless challenge…

  23. paola v.w. says:

    my uncle decided to put it back to the beginning 🙁 then he makes me re listen to it. i memorized he whole thing!! when wil this be over

  24. Lydia7600 says:

    no I cannot only 5 min and 40 secs and going to DIE

  25. Lydia7600 says:

    I’m going to kill him

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