i are cute kitten

i are cute kitten

i am talking cat. kind of you to depress orange button for subscribing. sending my moving picture to your family would be high honor for me. i our very cute kitten so much to be ever in your life? very pleaseing to eye, i hope. i maybe having powers cute beyond scientific understanding. you will please submitting to my cuteness with prepare to melt like chocolate forest clause. forgiving my english please, as not good i am just a kitten as aforementioned. i not knowing origin maybe mother was Asian and father was Jewish but I are 100 percentage cute kitten for certainty. babysitterofnalts is my caring taker. please to greet her thank you. she never harm me and she ask to making that clear. she always kind caring taker and feed me often. www.youtube.com www.kevinnalts.com some kitten are fighting with other i see. why that? http
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25 Responses to i are cute kitten

  1. osiris510 says:

    half way though this vid i realised, I’m wasting my fucking life 🙁

  2. Dekota Devore says:

    thats not funny bro i will find u

  3. Isaiah Farrimond-Harvey says:

    yes but that is animal abuse

  4. Isaiah Farrimond-Harvey says:

    the bad english is intentional, it’s a reference to locates. just because you don’t like the music doesn’t make it bad. and come on if it didn’t like the fridge it would’ve jumped out, it wasn’t suffering. ignore this comment if and only if you are trolling.

  5. MisterMcToast says:

    How is this animal abuse?
    Please Explane. 5 Reasons how it is animal abuse.

  6. Wawajohns says:

    it’s so fluffy i’m gonna die.

  7. Kendude999 says:

    When my baby brother saw the kitten in the mailbox he laughed and said ‘silly kitty!’

  8. xenex90ful says:

    bad english. shit music. shit ideas… just put kittlen in refregerator or post and WOW FUCK COOL? wtf is that? and again… that motherfucking music. very bad.

  9. AJ Zen says:

    Thats 1 happy cat

  10. Bronson Meerkat says:

    Well cute!!!

  11. CatspitProductions says:

    Kittens rule the internet. Now they’re taking over cable television. Come get some Catspit~! ☠

  12. familyfamilyfamily3 says:

    Ikrr waab

  13. machonacho654 says:

    i wonder what your neighbors thought when they saw you put a cat in your mailbox…

  14. zAcursedBreadz says:

    i love cats and this kitten was the most adorible one i have ever seen!

  15. goku829212 says:


  16. fatimaiayaz says:

    Awww that was soooo cute!

  17. ufajlok1 says:


    epic :D

  18. maria papadopoulou says:


  19. Maximilian Reisch says:

    @Olivee i hate you for saying that

  20. Oliver Goodman says:

    But will it blend?

  21. jennyykristinee says:

    I love cats <3

  22. TheBlueStoneGuys says:

    Yes you are a cute kitty

  23. zarcnest says:

    Sooo… GTFO…

  24. zarcnest says:

    Sooo… GTFO…

  25. truncksvscell says:

    Sooo…You agree to animal abuse?

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