BoB – Nothin’ On You [feat. Bruno Mars] (Official Video)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to BoB – Nothin’ On You [feat. Bruno Mars] (Official Video)

  1. nut laion says:



  2. Lizzy Hernandez says:

    This Song Makes Me Cry For Some Reason

  3. Joe Krueger says:

    hate to be THAT guy but ima 19 yr old rapper from the suburbs of Chicago. i just want some people to hear what i got. truthfully, i dont care about becoming famous and all that stuff, i just wanna be heard. i want people to enjoy my music. so if you got some time, take a listen, you can look up Grizzly – Go To Town, or Preach, and i gotta few others you’ll see in the sidebar. thanks for your time

  4. QBpcguy says:

    I don’t even get it. If the video had a lot of white women there would be people bitching about how nonwhites are trying to take their woman. This video has mostly nonwhite women and people are bitching that there are not enough white women… I don’t even.

  5. Pajsor LoLD says:


  6. Maria Jose Astudillo Astudillo says:

    I love amo ete Videooo

  7. Yuri Calino Hipolito Pereira says:

    said enough

  8. kyle manning says:

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    Bbm- 29E5880B

  9. SuperMagicHand says:

    search for middle age lesbians in google youll find yourself wrong

  10. ThePhenom888 says:

    i listened to your song ‘life’ and it was amazing, worthy to be in the big business, but i think the chorus really let it down, the chorus of that song was horrible, but the rest was great 🙂

  11. Muzzammal Alvi says:

    Look I like B.o.B but Bruno Mars looks like a middle aged lesbian.

  12. Geoman1876 says:

    in the beginning 

  13. Geoman1876 says:

    WTF when bruno said beautiful girls B.o.B face showed and paused

  14. fApfApz fApz says:

    55555 สวัสดีแมร่ง Top เฉย

  15. DjJock8Official says:

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  16. Junnosuke Takahashi says:

    2010: Who’s that guy singing with B.o.B?
    2013: Who’s that guy singing with Bruno Mars?

  17. kittikan sangthip says:

    ไทยท๊อปคอมเม้น 55+

  18. Michelle Zufall says:

    i hope im not the only one who noticed a stain on the girls butt as she walked away

  19. Dakoda Bigelow says:

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  20. MrDancodered94 says:

    0:09 this dude is stoned

  21. Thamirys santos andrade says:

    a musica maiis perfeita do mundo!

  22. Hankiepankie Shanghai says:

    There is barrely a white girl in this video!! damn racists

  23. annflystg says:

    has anyone noticed that there is no blonde girl in this video ?

  24. AlvaroMadness says:

    hahahaaha, RIGHT!!!

  25. MusicLuva912 says:

    I do. Why? Want a definition? 😉

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