Black and White People Furniture – Red House Commercial

This Red House Furniture ad was produced as part of our I Love Local Commercials Series sponsored by MicroBilt ( ) — Nomina…

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25 Responses to Black and White People Furniture – Red House Commercial

  1. Lavish Lorelei says:

    Hispanic is not a race. lol

  2. nelmsters says:


  3. MegaGamingshow says:

    fuck i love this song your right with ur text *__*

  4. altq2001 says:

    Are you just trolling or just stupid?

  5. pokemonmanta says:

    1. jewish is not a race its an ethnicity
    2. if your 11 and can’t spell jewish you have fucking issues

  6. Oguzhan AoSheng says:

    Well that was one weirdass comercial.So how they say what furniture is for who.Is it based on softness of their asses?

  7. JamesSkittles2 says:

    asians, cry with me

  8. Langston Tucker says:

    I’m lightskinned and I LOVE the red house.

  9. bluesnagletooth says:


  10. bballjake123 says:

    IDK, but it is featured on the front page of their website. I don’t find any other mention of black people and white people in the rest of their website though.

  11. mrme150 says:

    he says “and all people” at the end.

  12. atlien276 says:

    This wasn’t awkward at all. At ALL!

  13. Reece N says:


  14. Reece N says:


  15. Ant2Fresh says:

    HOLD THE PHONES!!! Did this really air on TV?

  16. D0CT0RSC00PS says:

    Racism is effective! I mean hey, it even got a black man into the White House.

  17. Marcus Josh says:

    check us out. 

  18. ashleyharold37 says:


  19. Stefanie Jones says:

    shut up man im 11 and stop being racis

  20. Joshua Brooks says:

    really is this is what is great now? wow.

  21. D3RANG3Dduelist says:

    not at the redhouse they’re not

  22. D3RANG3Dduelist says:

    that’s how someone with their jaw wired shut says it.

  23. mokermaker says:

    I would think a Jew would know how how to spell Jewish. ( “juish?!?”)

  24. Stefanie Jones says:

    and i bought my chair at the red house

  25. Stefanie Jones says:

    im juish

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