Bruno Mars – Performs Dirty Diana – 99% Entertainment

Bruno Mars, one of the headlining acts at the March 19th, 2010 Project Ethos, gives the crowd a special treat and performs a cover tune by the late, great Mi…
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25 Responses to Bruno Mars – Performs Dirty Diana – 99% Entertainment

  1. cheyenne lee says:

    bruno and mj together the greatest 🙂

  2. cheyenne lee says:


  3. BrunoMarsgirl3 says:

    Bruno is so talented..! But it is wrong it constantly with other artists to be compared .. He is something special.. Bruno is Bruno and Michale is Michael 🙂 I love both

  4. Alfy Eliáš says:

    He´s the only performer alive that can say:Okey Iwill sing MJ….and you can be sure that it will sound like him :3

  5. Marvelous457 says:

    Imagine The Weeknd and Bruno Mars collab together it would be amazing.

  6. TheWinepusher says:

    i usually don’t care for Bruno mars and his music but this cover was fucking amazing.

  7. mary rose cleofas says:

    bruno mars.. :) love u!!
    the best!!! <3

  8. Marah Gonzalez says:


  9. jenny villavicencio says:

    The new king!!! Love you Michael but your successor is here and I love him too!!!

  10. OhMyMAJORS says:

    Imagine If MJ was still alive and they make a song together O.O <3

  11. Dora Williams says:

    Much better than The Weekend’s cover

  12. TheMusicCoverLover says:

    Michael would be so proud!!!

  13. alperry02 says:

    No it is not just you!

  14. petrie409 says:

    Bruno is closest thing to new king of pop

  15. Diana Interiano says:

    I only like this video because my name is diana

  16. Lizy Selarom says:

    just me or this guy is so fucking sexy sweating? <3<3

  17. Lizy Selarom says:

    playing the drums is the brother of my future husband :3
    ILY Bruno!

  18. DIANASEXY51 says:

    Omg that was amazing ;o ur so wonderful baby lol I love u so much and ur sweat tho damn that’s sexy 😉

  19. ZeRoCaTz MSP says:

    Wow *–*

  20. Anna Annushka says:

    their voices are similar, the tone. great cover

  21. Larry Ballinger says:

    Michaels smiling down from heavon

  22. Itai Mola says:

    im sure he does
    from heavan

  23. KweeNJenii says:

    OMG ! he KILLED it ! I LOVE YOU BRUNO MARS !!! :*

  24. Kanayla72 says:

    WRONG! He’s the Pop’s Golden Child (Rolling Stone headline0

  25. 11humannature says:

    He’s really into MJ’s music.

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