R.L Of Next – Hater In You (Jagged Edge And 112 Diss)

R.L Of Next Reppin’ G-Unit Disses R&B Groups 112 & Jagged Edge.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to R.L Of Next – Hater In You (Jagged Edge And 112 Diss)

  1. MrDust1981 says:

    these days, it’s all a publicity stunt. but true

  2. Marcel Goodall says:

    r&b has thug niggas too i guess!!

  3. daggakid90 says:

    what was the beef about?

  4. andrew grant says:


  5. brixs1231 says:

    check out this kid he next up type in…  brixs1231

  6. crazylazystacy says:

    this track is funny as hell, “stick to dancing niggas” lmao!

  7. Blessed3175 says:

    I like RL and Next, but this wasn’t a good look at all. Think before you act.

  8. chefmike1991 says:

    R&b beef is so whack

  9. abdul7473 says:

    i got a good laugh out of this

  10. anjelheaven says:

    This song is soooo old. I don’t understand why people still goin in these comments. lol

  11. fall asleep says:


  12. utterbullspit says:

    Who the hell sings a diss record?!

  13. dee27206 says:

    Cater to you beat??? Lmao!!!

  14. south71hwy says:

    don’t for get the three songs he worte for the group who broke the record with there CD (IDEAL) Ginuwine

  15. Theo Royle says:

    listen to da clown no good music appreciating, you only just learnt how to speak english or how to put a sentence together? bitch ass chump

  16. Kwame Olenja says:

    This is a horrible and funny video foreal.”Next”.

  17. Theo Royle says:

    why do ppl start to feel tough when they under the G-Unit camp???!! 1st Mase then RL, understand something, most of them G-unit niggaz are victims not gangstaz

  18. Chris Toles says:

    I don’t know what to say; this song disappoints me. Let your work speak for itself. All of those groups had/have skills.

  19. LLcoolJFan001 says:

    Next and RL are so underrated, RL sings and writes his own music and has written several hits for artist such as Jaheim, Usher and many more. Don’t sleep on him.

  20. iAmorous says:

    wooooooo -backs up from computer- he mad aint he? lol honestly next cant really touch 112 or jagged edge…

  21. chaosstarr says:

    ?loooooool wtf?

  22. mcgangstapimp says:

    fuck you fag and your whore ass mom who sucks more dick than your ugly ass gramma BITCH ‘ WANT BEEF ? BRING IT , I BRING IT SPICY YOU FAGGOT

  23. TooThick4You703 says:

    fuck that hands down Jagged Edge is killing Next!!!…..fuck Next they aint shit if it wasnt 4 Jagged Edge 2 pave that way 4 them!!!JE YA’LL FAN 4 LYFE!!!

  24. Thul' Boy says:

    lmao this is ridiculous!!!

  25. JFresh1NOnly says:

    Im sry but my list goes like this: 13yrs in the game in the game, all original members, klassik tracks, more material, less promotion, 7th Studio Album= Jagged Edge!! Then Boyz II Men, Jodeci, NE, Dru Hill, Silk, 112.. Then I guess wuts next?? Oh Next lol.. But wut u kats fail 2 realize iz tht JE had SoSo Def, 112 had Puff then Next had nobody but them 2 push themselves. I hv alot of respect for Next tho.. I just wish we would hv seen more of them.. no beef intended

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