Heavy Metal Christmas light show

Give a redneck some Christmas lights and he’ll string up his house. Give the same man an engineering degree from Ga. Tech as well and this is what you get……

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24 Responses to Heavy Metal Christmas light show

  1. Kandi Klover says:

    do some christmas prog metal

  2. Kandi Klover says:

    nobody gives a fuck about neighbors who whine, their just mad because their powerless fatasses

  3. syahmi bluez says:

    what is the title of this song??

  4. insanityawakens says:

    No they aren’t. They incorporate influences from progressive metal in a small number of songs, but they are not progressive metal.

  5. AeonAvatar says:

    There’s many kinds of metal. TSO is progressive metal.

  6. Ron321321is says:

    lol keep talling your self its heavy metal

  7. LordCalvertWhiskey says:

    They lack intelligence as well lol

  8. 202dinthemke says:

    i thought your description was funny 🙂

  9. AgentdethProductions says:

    Wheres my promised heavy metal?

  10. jtcsr1 says:

    Yeah this sucks

  11. reid kern says:

    Wut Heavy Metal?

  12. Ryan Byers says:

    epileptic seizure waiting to happen
    love it

  13. Adam Kapps says:

    Awsome display! Too bad the PC morons are killing CHRISTMAS these days!!

  14. jona Kurat says:

    Good metal (end your world ^^)

  15. cstrikemaan says:

    it wasnt supposed to be literal. Some people lack a sense of humor or irony.

  16. deborah wood says:

    no, you need neighbors that are SAINTS – I am a nice neighbor and lights that DON’T make noise annoy ME LOLOL but I have to say I LOVE THIS and who the f–k CARES if it’s metal, rock or classical – a good job is a good job and I’ll be MONEY the complainers couldn’t string a Christmas tree without an instruction book IF they could even read it

  17. deborah wood says:

    and perhaps a responder who knew how to spell

  18. Alessio Galati says:

    Actually it has an heavy metal soul.

  19. Allaiyah Weyn says:

    Nifty. Should have an “epilepsy warning” though.

  20. Chris Williamson says:

    Apparently the people on here talking about this NOT being heavy metal dont know that TSO is basically the metal band Savatage under a different name. Cool display

  21. buddiechrist23 says:

    now i know how a chick feels when i tell her its 8 inches

  22. scored88 says:


  23. perfum999 says:

    You don’t need a degree, just a few hundred/thousand lights, a light o rama box and a laptop. The expensive ones you just plug in and it does it for you. For the personal more creative touch you synchronise the lights to the music yourself with software. Oh, and you need nice neighbors!!!

  24. VideosWatchOnline says:

    It took a degree to do this? Lots of 13 year olds have degrees I guess.

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