Minecraft: Einschlag 115 – Time Travel! | Episode #8 (Adventure Map)

Minecraft: Einschlag 115 - Time Travel! | Episode #8 (Adventure Map)

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25 Responses to Minecraft: Einschlag 115 – Time Travel! | Episode #8 (Adventure Map)

  1. meghancookie says:

    U SUCK

  2. Mason Pattison says:

    You suck

  3. silverii089 says:

    mine the dimonds

  4. diego garza says:

    maybe there was an update while he was gone

  5. diego garza says:


  6. Kiza Amaterasu says:

    Is it just me or was the diamond ore retextured in the last pack he used? I swear the diamond ore wasn’t in the checkpoint room last episode o.O

  7. MrRockman1022 says:

    John Smith is amazing

  8. Bobby Lefty says:

    Where mc project

  9. nico does games says:

    he using jhonsmith texture pack

  10. Un1T x ReVeRsE says:

    use ur sticks and iron to make pik and get all the diamonds

  11. janet macdonald says:


  12. Ashleigh Phan says:

    The silver is armor I have this texture pack

  13. slimysquid08 says:

    I want the map, but there is no map download! D:

  14. capcom11427 says:

    John smith legacy

  15. IcRaZyPrO50 says:

    texture pack?


  16. Luke June says:

    what is the texture

  17. Kado Dang says:

    Syndicate you should play clash of clans

  18. Joe Urzi says:

    why is your level going down?

  19. sodldierofinFAMY says:

    Experts say 60 percent of the time, his videos are cool all the time

  20. sodldierofinFAMY says:


  21. nengel99 says:

    its a tardis

  22. littlerocker01dm says:

    I think he’s using dokucraft

  23. AgentRickstaz says:

    what texture pack is he using??

  24. MLTz Streakz says:

    User: FuckYou
    Pass: FuckYou

  25. KovaNoob says:

    SOMETIMES?! They are cool all the time

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