A Haunted House Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Marlon Wayans Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to A Haunted House Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Marlon Wayans Movie HD

  1. noxioussite6419 says:

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  2. Raichan says:


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  3. قزوم الشرق says:

    9500000 مشاهد !!! يآوكك رقم خيالي

  4. Teng Yang says:

    The movie was funny. People be hating on this movie. It wasn’t a A rank comedy, but a damn good B rank comedy.

  5. diosyxoxo says:

    This movie is just sooo bad, how can anyone find this movie funny? It’s predictable and just not funny ontop of that it was extremely boring and the acting was godawful.

  6. diosyxoxo says:

    Like Scary Movie but this movie is extremely lame. 

  7. diosyxoxo says:

    This is not real comedy, seriously the jokes were predictable and extremely lame, stfu cause your not proving a point..Bitch plz I rather watch a crappy Disney movie than this garbage.

  8. 45transformers says:


  9. mjhylton says:

    Hahaha tell me what these stand for:

    @}———- A rose btw but in real life just messed up looking stuff

    Ok now that was some internet language now i hope you understand



  10. Uncle Rell says:

    Why is all the white nerds commenting on this trailer that it isn’t funny? Lol Black comedy is always the best!

  11. Swedishwowdude1935 says:

    dude its the internet calm down

  12. cheerfulcorps7049 says:

    After viewing the movie trailer again, I realized I needed to view the complete movie. I searched everywhere and then finally spotted a website that easily streams full movies on the internet – EVEN THIS ONE. I was so excited. I thought I had to come back and tell everybody here. The link for the site is below…

  13. MelMuseJeremyRenner says:

    Is that shorty?

  14. Lachlan Davis says:

    00:19 lol

  15. Lazyboy5298 says:

    I can’t believe everyone thought this movie was hilarious but hated Scary Movie 5. It’s practically the same fucking movie, and both were stupid (and not in the good way)

  16. Aud1OutProductions says:

    This was so unfunny.

  17. sbrantley70 says:

    Love this movie but have not seen it yet

  18. Dolores Perkins says:

    Check out the site to observe full film


  19. Fred Nelson says:

    Go to your internet site to view complete motion picture


  20. Roger Meza says:

    I’m not gonna lie, but when i first saw the trailers for this movie, I thought it was some lame ass tryn to hop on the paranormal train, technically yes, but i just saw it on Netflix; funniest shyt ever, i didn’t think i’d laugh so hard or often.

  21. Shawn James says:

    also chip was a funny guy no homo

  22. Shawn James says:

    way better than scary movie 5

  23. aboardstoreroom7208 says:

    What do you think of this trailer? Wait until you see the whole movie like I did! You’re not going to believe how well they did the movie at the end. I don’t want to share the plot, but if you wish to watch the whole movie yourself now then have a look at the site below.

  24. Phull55 says:

    Don’t be an ass. You two don’t share the same parents, everyone is different.

  25. jessicavindas79 says:

    Cool. And. Funny

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