Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover (Audio)

Lady Gaga - Heavy Metal Lover (Audio)

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22 Responses to Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover (Audio)

  1. Alkakeru says:

    Not in this song but another song 🙂

  2. lolelolalol2 says:

    Which word exactly is satanic?

  3. avengedsevenfold22 says:

    hell yeah i <3 satan <333

  4. Alkakeru says:

    I love lady gaga song and music but i hate her lyric… very satanic…

  5. Emirhan Özkömeç says:


  6. MrNeta28 says:

    thumbs up if you want right now to see gaga at the BTW BALL as a motocycle!

  7. Jesse Dvrwin says:

    lady gaga fans smh

  8. simongd says:

    this song has such a good mood, it’s rude but soft, sexy but dark, so intime.

  9. HausOfAdriiann says:

    this and government hooker…

  10. metalserfo says:

    When i listen to this song, i want to have sex, too. I want to watch Lady Gaga having sex with Rob Halford on the snow of Antartica. I want to watch a communion between heavy metal and alternative pop. I want to make love with the thing of the another world with the shape of a voluptuous Lady Gaga. Make love with it on the snow on Antartica and all the penguins watching us and watching our pleasure.. It is bizarre but it is my fetish…<3

  11. Stefan1234567896 says:

    the best song of Born This Way 😉

  12. volumen1y2 says:

    alguien mas odia la publicidad?

  13. Jedidiah750 says:

    SAME HERE!!!!!!! ahahahaha oh how I love GaGa

  14. NLeroyP8 says:

    And you, if you don’t fucking like her get off the video, simple as that.. Really how does this make sense? ” Oh i really don’t like this artist, but i’m gonna listen to their song i don’t like and write mean comments” Total sense, please get off.

  15. NLeroyP8 says:

    From you being a big fan of hers, you aren’t showing to much respect. If Gaga said this, she wouldn’t be proud of you.. Music taste is all opinion. What a terrible representation of a little monster awful..

  16. MegaOsvair says:

    I Want Too,But Wearing Leather Clothes 😀

  17. teresa anderson says:

    She looks real pretty here.

  18. Chris Saker says:

    I don’t care about the whole “who’s better” argument, this is just a fucking amazing song

  19. Rosabelle160 says:

    I love you really not Lady Caca.. Your just man a simple lunatic.. You thinks of you for the best.. Your steps the best… Your just lunatic OK kept silent understood(included) LUNATIC!!!!!!

  20. JenniferDiMartino85 says:

    Oh, and Lady Gaga is a much BETTER performer than beyonce and christina aguilera fuckhead cunt!!!!. christina aguilera is HORRIBLE!!!! you fucking ugly ass retarded cunt whore bitch!!!!!!

  21. JenniferDiMartino85 says:

    Yes, you do have pathetic friends dumbass bitch because you supposedly “hate” Gaga, but, like you retards love her because you keep on trolling this video lol. YES!!!!!! she is a great singer. YES!!!!!! she is pretty. YES!!!!!! she has taste in style. I don’t see any reasons to hate her!!!… QUEEN LADY GAGA is incredibly TALENTED stupidfuck. this girl has RAW TALENT!!!!!… so, stop trying to deny her talent cause you are an ignorant horrible bitch and whore!!!

  22. bluowlie says:

    This and Scheisse should have been the last two singles on the album.

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