Model Takeout Alternative: Light and Healthy Prawn and Spinach Curry

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25 Responses to Model Takeout Alternative: Light and Healthy Prawn and Spinach Curry

  1. catijones82 says:

    did this today for my parents and they loved it, so nice it didn’t even feel healthy! Would be great if you did more cooking videos! C:

  2. Suzan H says:

    this looks so yummy…

  3. 09mjeternity says:

    Her countertop is gorggge

  4. Tallie Boni says:

    You are an amazing beautiful woman. 🙂

  5. Nadia khattak says:

    You re a very good cook i can tell as i cook myself.n i luv the mini food processor 🙁

  6. JungleRedLips says:

    I made this for dinner, it was absolutely delicious. I used coconut oil instead of rapeseed. Usually curries make me ill from all the dairy/oil, but this tasted much better and didn’t upset my stomach. It had the perfect amount of seasoning. I will definitely make this again & try some of your other recipes.

  7. SinInScarlett says:

    This looks great; I’ll be trying this recipe soon! 🙂

  8. Reena Kalsi Nel says:

    Can you do a house tour please 🙂 kitchen looks gorgeous, love the counter tops.. xx

  9. Gabriela Lagos says:

    Me encanto la receta, se ve delicioso ;). Lo haré.

  10. bethannnnnable says:

    That looks so good! think I’ll give this a go tomorrow instead of my usual Friday night takeaway x

  11. thefamesteph says:

    This looks delicious will be trying it for sure!

  12. lozkirsty says:

    Thank you so much for this video – I’ve been wanting to learn how to make curry from scratch for a while now and this is such a simple, fab recipe! 🙂 ox

  13. A Model Recommends says:

    He’s a British Shorthair xx

  14. Engela says:

    Our cat acts exactly the same whenever we cook..! What breed is Bear? S/He’s cute. 🙂

  15. ishatorres says:

    that cat is everything!

  16. TheSmiley84 says:

    hey im asian and i cook all the time- this looks like a gr8 recipe im going to try it too hmm i love prawns,, and i love spinach hmm… quick tip- if chillies r too hot for ur liking, add a drained and rinsed tin of chickpeas to ur dish.. potatoes take a while but theyre good too, but chickpeas r good, just a couple of mins so it absorbs the flavours, add the prawns and bhamm there ya go!

  17. TheSmiley84 says:

    lol, ill b sure to try this,… im new too and im kinda obsessed too… you have a lovely personable manner… and ur really friendly and down to earth.. and pretty… and love ur food.. my kinda gal!! ur a gr8 role model, just a good sound lass .. keep doin watcha doin (plus more cookery plz 😀 )

  18. mayfairbotanical says:

    I love that you make cooking simple and healthy– so many of the food gurus make it complicated! However, my favorite part is anytime the cat is on screen. KITTEN!

  19. A Model Recommends says:


  20. Jenny Hos says:

    Hi Ruth
    I found your channel a few days ago and its safe to say that I’m obsessed! lol i tried this recipe for tea tonight and it was great! thats for the vid 🙂

  21. rooooooby says:

    he’s like Noo I want the food

  22. A Model Recommends says:

    Thank you xxx

  23. Msprincesspink25 says:

    U have some fantastic quick recipes, going 2 try these out, please please please do more.

  24. Soushi123 says:

    Boyfriend tag!!

  25. ScarletRose86 says:

    haha my cat is always into everything as well. so cute

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