World’s Tallest Pet Cat – MAGIC – a female F1 Savannah Cat – probably the most awesome you will see.

See more: — Tallest Pet Cat – Guinness World Records – official – she was bred and raised at A1 Savannahs, the…
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25 Responses to World’s Tallest Pet Cat – MAGIC – a female F1 Savannah Cat – probably the most awesome you will see.

  1. mildseven2006 says:

    That`s not a cat, that`s a dinosaur

  2. Aria Eddington says:

    This cat is more playful than a kitten!

  3. damianec says:

    Its the lamborghini of cats

  4. Kris Ten says:

    F1 Savannah

    +Ev Eric

  5. Kety Martinez says:

    305 mice disliked this video

  6. Elizabeth Welty says:

    big cat

  7. Christel Vinot says:

    now there’s dead mouse germs everywhere

  8. Omskanielar says:

    Please, don’t breed, don’t sell, don’t buy. Adopt cats, the shelters (also
    the high kill shelters) are full all over the world, we don’t need people
    to breed cats (and dogs and horses)… It makes me sad to see how many
    people actually breed though there’s no need for it. Have you ever had the
    “chance” of rescueing a whole clan of unwanted stray cats? Neuter, feed
    them, care for their health, give them places to sleep b/c nobody wants
    them? thats one HELL of a job… and sad, too, many die 🙁

  9. Stefan Geißler says:

    F1 Savannah

    +Ev Eric

  10. Shannon Collier says:

    attully people mostly breed rare cats so they don’t become extinct, who
    wants a betifiul rare cat going extinct? i sure don’t

  11. MeiMei228 says:

    Believe me, there would still be an excess of unwanted animals if breeders
    stopped breeding. In a perfect world, breeding would be heavily restricted,
    people would be responsible and have their pets fixed, and stray animals
    would be humanely sterilized. The few that would then fall through the
    cracks would be taken care of by shelters that would have ample resources.
    Unfortunately, this dream is nowhere near to being realized.

  12. boyum says:

    Not the most stunning. My asian leopard is much more stunning richer darker
    color and nicer markings.

  13. BlueStoneMusical says:

    lol i think that would be a Serval or Caracal

  14. BlueStoneMusical says:

    what people should really to is make sure cats and dogs even strays a
    sterile, and if someone want an exotic cat like a Savannah or Serval then
    they can. I grew up owning multiple stray and rescue dogs and cats but when
    I got a house with a good yard I bought a Serval and a Husky/Timber mix and
    I love them both despite there wilder dispositions.

  15. animelover462 says:

    There is a need for responsible and ethical breeding, to produce healthier
    more robust animals, Sadly, due to the greed of human beings that over
    breed and over produce weqk and sickly animals, many shelter cats will die,
    no matter how many people you convince to adopt, until the U.S. makes the
    decision to more heavily regulate private breeders.

  16. Sally Ire says:

    You are absolutely correct. While so many people think it’s cool to have a
    purebred and even cooler yet to have an exotic purebred, those who really
    love felines prefer to adopt rather than buy.

  17. sonnier1972 says:

    Well that cat might not be the king of the jungle. But most certainly the
    king of your block.

  18. fryka80 says:

    Beautiful cat <3

  19. LadyHawkEruru19 says:

    That is not a cat…that is a stunted lynx! XD I swear, that thing is huge!
    I want a cat like that!! 🙂

  20. Bekayel759 says:

    It was cleaning the kitten.

  21. E.M. Solberg says:

    beautiful and elegant! what a majestic feline! thanks for shering. 🙂

  22. WingCommanderZ says:

    She is EXTREMELY beautiful!! <3

  23. Javier Zetina says:

    what is the song?

  24. talitha james says:

    That’s sad that mouse is alive 40 seconds

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