World’s MOST Dangerous Race ★HD★ World’s Greatest Motor-Sporting Event✔ FULL THROTTLE-ISLE of MAN TT

Seven Network(AUS) Producer→Shane Elsmore , Editor→Nathan Thomson , ‘Closer to the Edge’ (footage courtesy CinemaNX) Ulster GP 2013·▻ 35%…

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25 Responses to World’s MOST Dangerous Race ★HD★ World’s Greatest Motor-Sporting Event✔ FULL THROTTLE-ISLE of MAN TT

  1. Tomer Aharoni says:


  2. kimboden nguyen says:


  3. Deniz Has says:


  4. kris tianto says:


  5. arunas sabaliauskas says:


  6. reaper-zero one says:

    metallica backsound?

  7. Raphaël Mentrel says:

    List en to this story…

  8. Shane Bako says:

    when the ratio for death is something like 1 in 15 riders will die and 1 in
    30 spectators die it gives you a whole new look at how brave and or stupid
    this guys are it takes balls of titanium to race on that island. Plus if
    you asked every single one of those riders if they think they might die I
    bet they will say they do expect it or even they would say it most likely
    will happen but they still will race and that’s what it takes to race there
    and not die. 

  9. Keith Schumacher says:

    love the Tool song at 5:13

  10. gton ferreira says:

    Ja e…

  11. 1EVILZ06 says:

    Would love for us the US to have a race like this. Block off a section of a
    small town up in VT/MA/Maine it would be EPIC!

  12. Marek Krusz says:

    one of these days…

  13. JRobCards says:

    I love how you used some of the best Metallica songs throughout this video.
    I would love to try the IoM one time in my life.

  14. Roen Spacy says:

    Holy mother of god. How do the bikes accelerate -carrying men with bronze
    balls weighing a ton?

  15. BassJunkie2000 says:

    sorry, what’s the name of the song at 3:55? thanks!

  16. thunderrbirdy says:

    Admit TT race is most dangerous sports .. yet awesome.

  17. EUSOUAYAM says:

    We cant argue about people’s choices…they are their own…

  18. mena soijit says:

    ชอบมากเลยคะ ความแรง

  19. Gert Bowker says:

    Awesome event, but sadly leaving 2 daughters behind makes me wonder what is
    more important in life?

  20. Marcus Pelin says:

    or more

  21. radutzu37 says:

    they have titanium balls….

  22. TheSpikes1998 says:


  23. Solomon Hagopian says:

    You have to have balls of steel to race here I will make it one day, to
    watch TT is ultimate We have F1 crying boys and the car does everything for
    them and they get PAID huge £££

  24. mike hunt says:

    murray walker f1 commentator

  25. Andreas Gluck says:

    Good job lockk9 ! 😉

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