Real Life Heroes [ Good people ] part 2

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25 Responses to Real Life Heroes [ Good people ] part 2

  1. gary63693 says:

    In ref to the video at the end, this is why we need first aid to be taught
    in schools. It can make a difference. Basic first aid can be taught in just
    1 day

  2. cusson27 says:

    Dammit, don’t fuck with my emotions like that….

  3. Clarity EU says:

    Onions man

  4. Oliver Bulmer says:

    Some of these are people actually TRYING to end their lives. If your
    stupid, it means they’re committing suicide. I don’t know WHY anyone would
    commit suicide. If you fall onto a railroad track on purpose, but the
    railway is full of people, you’re always gonna have some bloke or woman
    come save you. If you really, really want to commit suicide, just jump of a
    building with no one in or something.

  5. 강지훈 says:

    RIP bus driver i am really touched…

  6. md sabbzz says:

    i cried so hard

  7. The mature gamer says:

    R.I.P best bus driver 2013.

  8. Moordrecht says:

    What happened with that kid in the store where the woman bailed?

  9. LighTninGxWolFz says:

    Heroes in real life…. Save humanity…

  10. Quisek says:

    Fuck people who try to jump on the rail, risking other’s life. Just kill
    yourself at your own house or somewhere

  11. John Ayers says:

    We need MORE people to CARE

  12. LinkSoul2 says:

    You all talk about that last guy. True hero he may be but COME ON! There
    were a dozen guys jumping in front of A MOVING FREAKING TRAIN rrisking
    their OWN LIFES to save a stranger. The last guy may have saved a life too
    but lets not diss the guys who ricked their lifes to save another!

  13. Natalie Gambrill says:

    Fuck cat videos. These are the videos that make me happy :.)

  14. Keanu J.M. says:

    I bet the most of them was Religious..

  15. Tessa Ana says:

    last* sorry…..i’m crying

  16. zezubest says:

    Last video never give up.

  17. Juliet Wright says:

    OMG the last one had me crying!! ;(

  18. 22XxahmadxX22 says:

    What happen in the last one?

  19. amanda desjarlais says:

    ‘AMEN’ I love it when we come together

  20. John Higgleman says:

    actually god helps those who help themselves and others

  21. podovaro says:

    in the last one……….god bless you

  22. Patrick Lenin says:

    Dx last one made me cry

  23. Volga Las says:

    God in us.

  24. Anita Saladbar says:

    @jonsey772 the little girl stopped breathing, I forgot the whole story but
    the big white guy gave her mouth to mouth and revived her.

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