Raccoon eating cats’ food (Original)

Raccoon eating cats' food (Original)

Raccoon eating cats’ food, likes to mix it in the water like a bowl of cereal. Funny how she runs off with hands full at the end. Rigogonzalez23.blogspot.com.

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25 Responses to Raccoon eating cats’ food (Original)

  1. Rigo Gonzalez says:

    Raccoon eating my cats food. 

  2. NeMiDrEm says:

    I don’t know why some people are afraid of racoons, it’s not like it’s big
    like a bear or something.

  3. Lynda Sophia says:

    I’ll just use your drinking water to wash my hands and throw food in it…

  4. Lansing JP says:

    I just seen this on inside edition

  5. Saazh H. says:

    Fazzone Baby

  6. KKND2KrossFire says:

    the cats be like “whats ya problem nigga?”

  7. Eric90TheBest says:

    hahaha he takes the food away from cats awesome haha

  8. 23332323gfd says:

    raccon all like ” time to walk on two legs mofo”

  9. Ronnie Cota says:

    omg that is so funny

  10. Stephen D. Bugtai says:


  11. ToonsBlood says:

    The kittens were like: what the freakin frick is he doing

  12. ziona2k says:

    Nature’s ninja lol

  13. Zenzi Sage says:

    You’re all a bunch of pussies.

  14. justaguitargirl says:

    1:11 bahahahaha

  15. Scott Sion says:

    My cats would have mauled that fucker.

  16. superAnarchy100 says:

    The raccoon is like “Hey, What we eating over here guys?!?”

  17. Hollis Bradshaw says:

    Caught red handed, thief.

  18. sun ra says:

    Soooo cute.. Lovely

  19. BJ Atkins says:

    Shout out to all the people who thought of Sly Cooper XD

  20. lifesyours247 says:

    This is amazing. At least that raccoon eats clean food…..too funny!

  21. Aaron Lemus says:

    sly the thieves raccoon

  22. James S says:

    I love how he also fucks up their water and snatches food for on the road

  23. fa11234 says:

    What a greedy raccoon!

  24. kevin delgado says:

    the cats are like what the hek

  25. mark30035 says:

    LOL 0:45
    Cat:WHAT A DICK!!!!!!

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