Philips – Innovation and you – brand announcement light projection event

When we started Philips with a single light bulb in 1891, we didn’t just provide light to the people around us. We changed how they lived. Ever since, our mi…
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10 Responses to Philips – Innovation and you – brand announcement light projection event

  1. drxfactory says:

    The Lord zei “Let there be light , and there came L.E.D.

  2. Anton Koeppl says:

    Clicked on Peter Gabriel Sledge Hammer Song & was about to skip the ad &
    got WOW’d by a Philips ad “light project” !~ Got to find out more…

  3. jaford2 says:

    Brilliant! I love the Sonicare ‘effect’ at 1:55 – as well as the cheer when
    the new logo blasts away the old!

  4. rick dubya says:

    does it get any cooler or better then this ?? WOW !!

  5. Josué Díaz says:


  6. Chris Monaghan says:

    What’s that tune! Awesome….

  7. chuot2905 says:

    It’s really an amazing light performance. Thanks for preparing such a great

  8. ZakHooiTM says:

    This is the first ad on youtube I fully watched, really cool!!

    I hope you guys are going to release the music
    It’s great, I want!

  9. Roy van Weert says:

    Compilatie van onthulling van het nieuwe logo van Philips+ afgelopen week
    op HQ in Amsterdam. 

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