I took everyones ideas and put them into one video . ENJOY.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to TOP R&B WEDDING SONGS (2)

  1. jodie0babii says:

    I’m glad it helps, congratulations … And if u need more options check out
    part 1

  2. jodie0babii says:

    thank you =)

  3. DJ Burn says:

    This Girl gave me HIV and I killed her in this Hip Hop video GOOD or BAD
    acting… check out “Mileage by DJ Burn” and comment ur thought thanks…
    DJ Burn Oakland, CA

  4. Tee Nicole says:

    love it<3333

  5. scoota booda says:

    i love wedding song

  6. PurpleCrazed18 says:

    Amazing selection!

  7. Sherry Eaton says:

    yeah that’s what I wanna know too

  8. jodie0babii says:

    i may never find – chris brown

  9. Randall Ellison says:

    who sings song at the ending

  10. ALeeUpt202 says:

    Thanks!! I never heard this Jahiem song before.

  11. jodie0babii says:

    thank you =)

  12. weddingbliss2013 says:

    Thank you this is helping me out so much! I need to come up with a list of
    100 songs for my dj to get started before he complete his catalog for our
    wedding reception. 🙂

  13. jonah317 says:

    what’s the very first song? before mr. bennett?

  14. jodie0babii says:

    i may never find – chris brown

  15. jodie0babii says:

    love by musiq soulchild

  16. jodie0babii says:

    your welcome

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