Steve Jobs talks about managing people

“we are organized like a startups”
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25 Responses to Steve Jobs talks about managing people

  1. nfulena says:

    Nice that he trusts others and meets his teams and not just sit in his
    office and on biz trips!

  2. Local-Ventures says:

    Steve Jobs on Apple’s approach to managing employees in a 2 min video

  3. eddy woj says:

    Steve Jobs talks about managing people

  4. tawfeeq Mumen says:

    The best idea has to win

  5. Sanan Aliyev says:

    “If you wanna hire great people and have them stay working for
    have to let them make a lot of decisions and you have to be run by ideas,
    not hierarchy, and the best ideas have to win.. otherwise good people don’t

  6. Easy Aspi says:

    Obviously, he died of AIDS.

  7. zzsql says:

    Let’s hope apple doesn’t turn into microsoft where infighting, in-house
    competition, backstabbing and departmental stonewalling is the norm. (Which
    is reflected in their disjointed products)

  8. OneLoneLegend says:

    that is because I’ve never owned an apple product. I don’t see the need to
    sit around like a little twat with ear buds in 24/7

  9. Ruben Hill says:

    Good man. All the respect. A master. Learn from this. How dare you even
    criticize this if you are not even of the cadet-beginnings of understanding

  10. Ruben Hill says:

    That is because you are a nothing.

  11. Lukethis says:

    This guy is so innovative that he changed the world with it.

  12. Nazar Sayed says:

    you have to run by ideas not by heirarchy … very true.

  13. spacyfoil says:

    Seriously, people thumps down this ? You gotta be joking me. I am an
    Android person, But when Steve is right, Its RIGHT. Damn It !

  14. Sun Kwon says:

    The world is much more interesting place because of you. RIP.

  15. Shahab Ahmad ROHIN says:

    Wow what a personality!

  16. Elle Brown says:

    Steve Jobs was such an inspiration!

  17. trusteeinbankruptcy says:

    If you do not know what bankruptcy is

  18. dudetocartman says:

    he cant say the S bomb with people around

  19. Lifestyle Business says:

    Great insight into the mechanics of Apple! Team work and leadership is the
    way to go for a successful business. Steve Jobs was a master leader!

  20. Damon Ashley says:

    He forgot to mention treating people like shit.

  21. daltino85 says:

    We miss you Steve, Apple is nothing without you! They can’t even get an iOS
    right anymore :/

  22. runXner12 says:

    Truth is hidden in spam sadly like you are now. To many brain washed
    followers did this maniac have.

  23. Andy Lima says:

    biggest start-up on the planet now the #1 brand too

  24. Sheetal Handoo says:

    “You have to run by ideas not hierarchy”

  25. Junior Tennis says:


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