Garry’s Mod – Random Entertainment

A Garrys Mod video set up to be like a Robot Chicken episode. Credits are at the end of video. If i get enough good ratings and comments then I will make a s…

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25 Responses to Garry’s Mod – Random Entertainment

  1. RobDaBomb says:

    This would be a lot easier to post if it wasn’t for the new comment system.
    But alas to all my fans, I have reached a conundrum. I have started
    focusing on other projects that I would love to share with y’all – but I
    feel the ‘direction’ they take would disappoint you guys considering some
    are nowhere along the lines of this kind of video. So, I realized that I
    can not allow myself to post any new videos UNTIL I GIVE YOU GUYS WHAT YOU
    WANT!!!! The sequel, GM:RE-2 IS COMING! I promise this. I have already
    created a team of highly skilled and extraordinarily underpaid colleagues
    to focus on it. The manuscript and scenes are basically all typed out, but
    the hardest part is filming them of course. Additionally, I have made too
    many ideas to fit all in one sequel video. Thus, I am deciding to turn
    GM:RE into a ‘trilogy’ at least… granted the third video probably won’t
    be released for another 5 years, but it is being announced if that makes
    you feel any better? – To everyone out there who is still watching this in
    2013, I love you more than a YouTuber loves making fun of the new YouTube
    changes. If you have any input, ideas, questions, or want to request me to
    upload my other projects as well or whatever else – then please, PLEASE
    comment below. 

  2. randi n says:

    1:19 WTF

  3. MrGimli2 says:

    lol “probably have more videos”

  4. iskandar Dhiaurrahman says:

    lol gmod on crack like stickman on crakc

  5. Zebron123 says:


  6. ilovehelem says:

    its so random and funny

  7. Rain Altmäe says:

    whats the music 3:44

  8. Mark Roach says:

    FACE PLANT… :[

  9. алексей березовский says:

    Me russian, fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!

  10. Benjamin Kleidon says:

    More spinning!!! ^^

  11. Nicole Velasquez says:

    lol this big fat

  12. Flying Platypus Games says:


  13. alsionbell1 says:


  14. Goldzfinger says:

    The nostalgia comes flooding back T-T

  15. michellphamvn says:

    You took the titanic song right

  16. Nony Mous says:


  17. Scorspozular Oozular says:

    I am ready to stop derping.

  18. James Avalos says:

    2008 Humor.

  19. Amelia Pond says:

    I Love the no handlebars song!

  20. Queen Galaxy says:

    SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  21. Beauty_N_SunShine says:

    More XD

  22. Miki Maus says:

    do u like it

  23. cena1ist says:


  24. TehEpicness says:

    0:00 or 0:02 the song is called: you spin me right round by dead or alive

  25. TehEpicness says:


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