The most honest 3 minutes of television, EVER…

Beginning scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer… But It Can Be – What has America become – …

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25 Responses to The most honest 3 minutes of television, EVER…

  1. J Jo says:

    You should have said the most honest 2 minutes. The rest of the video is
    just bullshit and shallow jingoistic rethoric- “stood up for what was
    right? cultivated the worst greatest artists?” hah… that was a real cop
    out and almost destroys the credibility of the first part.

  2. Nathan Jolly says:

    Since we were talking about debate stuff the other day, and we were all on
    the same page… so I was wondering if anyone here hadn’t seen this yet.
    Jeff Daniels answers the question, “What makes America the greatest country
    in the world?” and blows everybody’s minds, including yours. This is from
    the opening of the pilot of ‘The Newsroom’ on HBO, edited down from ~9
    minutes (Daniels’ main speech is uncut, though).

  3. Hemp Share says:

    All a pure Matrix simulation. Including this. Hush now, baby don’t you
    cry… Please go back to sleep.

  4. Phil Sr says:

    How is America 51 years after 1963?

  5. Clement Ng says:

    Yosemite? That must be it. ;)

  6. Colin Fish says:

    You must watch this now.

  7. Wayne Mansfield says:

    Just love this clip

  8. lhinneth Thibs says:

    America .. the greatest country in the world… NOT. …

    watch this you vigilante red neck Mo Fo’s….. you self righteous pile’s
    of human waste….. you waste of human skin….. you self absorbed, self
    serving money grabbing donkeys…. your not the greatest country in the
    world , you just have the biggest mouths, and push your ideological
    bullshit on the rest of us…

  9. Nick Rose says:

    No not gangsters. Just some real ass thugs André “3000” Benjamin and Antwan
    “Big Boi” Patton of the greatest rap act of all time, OutKast.

  10. Cameron Girgus says:

    Sorry for the language but everyone should watch this video. The America we
    used to love and cherish is gone.

  11. patrick lourcey says:

    This is what I would call the truth about America

  12. Denis Brown says:

    Yeah I would go with the J Jo as in the first two minutes. Then when you
    think about it, it’s not just the U.S. but the UK as well, and if you throw
    them into the pot you may as well throw some other Countries to, and then
    where does it all stop. Perhaps it doesn’t and perhaps it time that is
    rapidly approaching to “RESET” and that’s not a good option either.

  13. wellscot says:

    Maybe it isn’t he best country in the world, but I love the people of
    I know that many people all over the world have stood side by side in
    times of great trouble,but when it really mattered , I think the true
    spirit of ordinary Americans was an inspiration to the rest of mankind. On
    9/11 the world witnessed not only an unimaginable horror, but also a
    collective show of courage and selflessness that will remain with me
    always. Man’s HUMANITY to man… sometimes that alone is the real proof of
    what greatness means. 

  14. ron glass says:

    no we are no longer anything, nothing good will ever happen when blacks
    take over

  15. Alejo Magdaleno says:

    Uruguay is the great country in the world. .. Marijuana …..good economy
    great person’s .and honesty

  16. James Binkley says:

    Brilliant, thought provoking and an honest look in the mirror. We need
    more like this guy and less of the ‘out for myself’ types that subvert
    every known value for their own personal fortune, fame and ego. America is
    like Britain in one respect: the people are phenomenal but the way they are
    managed sucks!

  17. Erskin Hansen says:

    As a friend of mine once said, there’s an easy way to settle the question
    as to “which country is the greatest?”… Just ask yourself “Which country
    would prefer to live in if not United States?” and you’ll have your answer.

  18. Max Roman says:

    Government cannot belong to the people as long as Big Business can buy it.

  19. David Rice says:

    No one shared this video with me, but damn, I wish we had real politicians
    speak this way. Too bad this was only a movie and not real life

  20. 41POINT2 says:

    OMG THIS is Awesome. Anyone know where I can watch it as I can’t get hbo.

  21. Diana Smith says:

    I still remember thinking I wish we were not such a mess, but it’s great
    hearing “politicians” talking the truth. Of course then I found out it was
    an HBO show. I thought this handsome guy looked familiar. What do you

  22. Arety Az says:

    That was not only true in that movie,it’s true!!!!!

  23. Xavier Jordan says:

    “The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one”… this
    is the reason humanity is doomed.

  24. ArshikaTowers says:

    The basket will be woven in South America, the rocket will come from
    Russia, and we will only be able to rent space in hell; not buy it.

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