Lana Del Rey – Carmen – Jazz Cafe London – 10.04.12

First live performance of Carmen. Live From The Jazz Cafe, Camden, London – 10.04.12 Artist reserves all rights. No copyright infringement intended.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Lana Del Rey – Carmen – Jazz Cafe London – 10.04.12

  1. Carmena WithLove says:

    I love her so much <3

  2. LONG LEE says:

    Amazing voice!! The best!

  3. Ducttapecreations090 says:


  4. Kyla Hardy says:

    This was soo beautiful i almost cried.

  5. nialls hipster says:

    Lana my queen ❤

  6. Jill T says:

    This is the best I’ve ever heard her sing live. Perfection 

  7. andrea cordon says:

    Loooooove her music. It’s easy to get caught with her emotion.

  8. Mariam Ouardi says:

    She’s so perfect

  9. Linzpgh28LV says:

    amazing <3 ty for sharing!

  10. Kary Palacio says:


  11. Hailey M. says:

    lana <3

  12. Theodorisa liza says:

    She’s Carmen and she’s perfect <3

  13. Ma Luz says:

    <3 :'( Love her!!!!

  14. anto labella says:


  15. TogetherAtLast says:

    The song is about her and that’s what makes it so powerful

  16. julio castillo ramos says:


  17. Javier Polloo says:

    This song discribes me.

  18. Eve Doll says:

    I read online from her interviews that she said how she doesn’t sing this
    song very often because she can relate to it closely and it’s very deep to
    her. This song is about her and her life in the past, she just changed the
    name of who she is speaking about. So it makes sense if she were to cry
    while singing this.

  19. Cameron Howard says:

    It’s been a year since this performance <3

  20. Caleb Carreiro says:

    +Ryan Simms Here. It’s live, but you get the general idea. The album
    version is (of course) much better.

  21. Camila Miranda says:

    Is alarming honestly how disarming she can be eating soft ice cream, coney
    island queen

  22. Sarah Holmwood says:

    when too many people her voice is bipolar xD

  23. dsptrp says:

    is Lana from Coney Island? I think “Coney Island” appears in Off to The
    Races too, right?

  24. Marina Bows says:

    If I was That Far Away From Lana Del Rey I Would Have Spaz Attack.

  25. Jonas Neuenfeld says:

    Pepsi, dude, a soda brand.

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