Church Talk, Oprah & Gabrielle Douglas, R&B Divas, Love & Hip Hop Reunion, & More Church Talk

Mimi Faust Goes Off If you would like to walk with “Team Skorpion Show” please register here http://www.aidswalkph…
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25 Responses to Church Talk, Oprah & Gabrielle Douglas, R&B Divas, Love & Hip Hop Reunion, & More Church Talk

  1. Malan B says:

    My favorite Youtube vloggers! 

  2. Aj Johnson says:

    I’m your fan Makael!!!!!!

  3. TheBebe976100 says:

    Omg yes skorpion show done changed and for the better I love the new theme
    song and show I will like this

  4. nonya biz says:

    I saw makel downtown Saturday I had a black shrt on n black n yellow hat n
    I jus simply said hey makel he gave me da who da fuk are you look n.kept
    movin smh still a fan of da show tho

  5. vashti225 says:

    I’m feeling “some kind of way'” about the New Orleans comment!!!!! but…I
    still love you

  6. MsBettyLuLu says:

    Kevin, being smitten w/ that special someone looks good on you…too cute *
    Enjoy it 🙂

  7. honeybdream says:

    Makael you have to go to Essence Fest, for real. I just got married in New
    Orleans this summer. It’s a fun city!

  8. jay bug says:

    pause at 9:27… THat boy focused and kevin preaching lol

  9. matice mcmillan says:

    I always felt bad for joseline, she’s lost in this world.

  10. nae nay says:

    I love Kevin and Makael relationship. I like the fact that Makael isn’t
    judgemental, he just encourages Kevin? I love The Skorpion Show point blank

  11. Badgurlbeauty says:

    i hear ya. Essence fest back in 2007 was my first time visiting New
    Orleans. i fall in love with that city. I am still trying to get back.

  12. D. BG says:

    hmmmm makeal a church goer even nicer ;p

  13. Africana3789 says:

    Challenge? 🙂 Sorry, sweetheart, there is no challenge. What you are saying
    (or rather, typing) is simply innacurate and erroneous. Unlike you, I don’t
    assume things about people. I am not a Christian and I study the Bible
    thoroughly. I said nothing about not seeing the text I know what it says
    and I also know that YOU didn’t understand what it was saying. This is a
    common occurence when simple minds try to take on complex topics they try
    to simplify them to meet their base understandings.

  14. blairchuck4eva says:

    On the Ashanti video they said “You gotta go home” “You gotta go home”

  15. Aaron Thomas says:

    Love the new intro, looks great!

  16. caseythomas97 says:

    “Who The Hell Wear A 38/30” … “Me Faggot”

  17. purplepantha11 says:

    studying and watching this impossible lol u two crack me up HARD LOL xoxo

  18. quay hall says:

    oh please we dont need to see anymore damn episodes of keke actin a fool
    its obvious she has issues. what more do we need to see? smh and she is 40
    years old with 6 kids and your main focus is having your man around you
    24/7 because you are afraid that hes gonna cheat on you or leave you. bitch
    your concern should be your children first. i cant stand keke wyatt or
    people who like her

  19. king CARTER says:

    I love you guys friendship!!

  20. BiancaZone says:

    those things that you said don’t secure yourself a place in heaven, it
    takes a bit more. you can’t just “believe” and ask for forgiveness, you
    really have to work hard at changing your life and living more Christ-like.

  21. diondra01 says:

    I loved Dennis!

  22. mengume says:

    i think its extra rude to pick up a phone during the show. you can always
    call them back after you finish recording

  23. Glennydot says:

    All I want to say to Kevin and Makael is that it’s not about what you do to
    secure your spot in heaven, it’s about you wanting to do all you can to
    make GOD happy.

  24. iMBeAUTiful456 says:

    Amen. Love y’all !. *

  25. jhtfubn yuoo says:

    Agreed, Mona Scott King is such a hypocritical instigator.

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