100 Most Weirdest and Rarest Animals in the World Real Pictures (Not Photoshopped)

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25 Responses to 100 Most Weirdest and Rarest Animals in the World Real Pictures (Not Photoshopped)

  1. tinarett says:

    The caterpillar looks like a toy! :)

  2. Katherine Eldon says:

    Great video. Ruined by the music.

  3. Danella Cullen says:

    That music was just annoying I thought it was never gonna end!!!

  4. JESUS H CHRIST says:

    that’s a sleazy sax and I love it

  5. Merthurmad says:

    Since when is a Great Dane a weird or rare animal?

  6. Anathelus says:

    The thumbnail looked like a bunch of penises

  7. MusicLover4688 says:

    some of these look like pokemons .-.

  8. Christopher Breeden says:


  9. Jordan Jones says:

    it said not to click, so i didn’t.
    am i the only one listening to alerts that say not to click on the

  10. matti stoor says:

    U made a mistake with the camel and the Sun spider

  11. Prassy Venketesh says:

    What is the song, it is great.

  12. Maveric Connors says:


  13. TheMakrovo says:

    so much photoshop!!

  14. claytoaj says:

    10:23 is a Pacu, not a vampire fish.

  15. Johanan Boynes says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LIGER I THINK I’M

  16. dyedDrapes says:

    Thought these were pen….

  17. GP'sAndEverythingElse says:

    The Axolotl is cute!

  18. Anna Mahdíková says:

    8:42 :’33

  19. Сослан Бедоев says:

    and blobfish snot eyes on the nozzle

  20. Ying Lo says:

    damn weird ass animals. i like that penis fish tho lmao jk

  21. 459Tango says:

    Ok the AYA-AYA is to much

  22. Thomas Johnson says:

    Ha penis snake

  23. piettra sardi says:

    Penis fish and penis sna

  24. Tom Moss says:

    when I listen to the background music all I think of is sips riding a motor
    cycle in the sunset

  25. lpsfuzzybear101 says:

    Sumatran hippo

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