ULTIMATE People are awesome! (2013)

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25 Responses to ULTIMATE People are awesome! (2013)

  1. EpicVideosHome says:

    There is hope for humanity!

  2. Cayla Standifird says:


  3. michal smolski says:

    I ask about the music ? 

  4. thehallofstrength says:

    the girl with the shark :O

  5. Thordai says:

    For every video like this theres 10 of people failing miserably and
    painfully doing the same crap. I love it.

  6. CKingPlays says:

    last guy WOW

  7. momir radulvic says:

    song please

  8. tyler olsen says:

    I still contemplating was watching that woman swim with the shark supposed
    to be awesome, or show her complete lack of intelligence?

  9. Inception1338 says:

    Music is awesome…

  10. xjb09 says:

    It starts: 1:02

  11. Steven McBrien says:

    Being awesome is helping your fellow human beings and trying to not be a
    selfish douche all of the time. This is just a bunch of adrenaline junkies
    getting a fix.

  12. WhenYouveGoneGuru says:

    The one that blew my mind was the chick riding a mother f—ing great white

  13. Mike Zapata says:


  14. Evan Devanney says:


  15. Killerfroggy2109 says:


  16. Zane Langworthy says:

    this is mostly just people jumping off or out of things

  17. sukhanji bhuva says:


  18. kelvin fontenelle says:

    The song is one of my favorite songs and it is called Tommy Theme from
    devil may cry 😀 

  19. janrdoh says:

    The first guy that did a loop the loop with a parachute .Now he had balls
    of steel or did he borrow Chick Norris’s balls ?

  20. Grumbel Bumbel says:

    Well this is the “people have more luck than brain compilation” where is
    the People are awesome video?

  21. Jackson Frech says:

    I don’t think that jumping off of an edge into the water qualifies as
    awesome, anyone can fall.

  22. Patryk Hawrysiuk says:

    intro is awersom!

  23. OneButton Dash says:

    craziest one hands down is riding the great white shark

  24. adam krenik says:

    All this is dubstep to people jumping from high places.

  25. Emil Hvelplund says:

    your video sucks

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