Trailer For Your Next RPG Fail (Fellowship of the Ring/Monty Python mashup)

No matter how hard you try to cultivate an epic fantasy atmosphere, your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign will inevitably end up sounding like this.

Fellowship of the Ring / Monty Python Holy Grail trailer parody

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5 Responses to Trailer For Your Next RPG Fail (Fellowship of the Ring/Monty Python mashup)

  1. vindexus says:

    Pretty funny. The dark gray text on the black background was kind of hard to read though.

  2. Clutzydoo says:

    Listening in on so many of my friends sessions and taking part of them a few times myself. I can safely say this is the norm and not the exception.

    To DM's, if a player tries to convince you that the grog of whimsy is a good idea, shoot them, shoot them now.

  3. Russell Conner says:

    This is why Kender is not a race in 5e…

    Thankfully, I can still play a Gnome!

  4. Benjamin Swanson says:

    I laughed, then I cried. Because it is all true.

  5. Zero Wing says:

    Love it! And very accurate as well.

    And if you don't mind me asking, what's the name at that rocky-looking font that you used?

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