[Tropical House] – Hyper Potions – Unbreakable (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Monstercat Release]

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20 Responses to [Tropical House] – Hyper Potions – Unbreakable (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Monstercat Release]

  1. The nimajneB says:

    Anyone else hate her voice?

  2. Seungje Yang says:

    Such a lovely and cute song!!!

  3. Moon rise says:


  4. Rendi Sutiyono says:


  5. bilbo baggins says:

    bad. anybody with a daw and a left hand could make this song in 10 minutes.

  6. BerZerker BerZerker says:


  7. Luciana Parsberg says:

    is very nice!!! 💕💕💕💕

  8. childish goblino says:

    this is so nice

  9. Paolo Carrera says:

    This song is me every time I beat a dark souls boss

  10. Enrique Urtasun says:

    Nice track!

  11. CMOAKES18 PLAYS BF4 says:

    not been any tropical house in a while glad its back

  12. Rostik Krasov says:

    а тут хотя бы 1 русский комментарий есть? 

  13. Nintendo Creeper says:

    This song is the best <3

  14. Project Taco says:

    I'm glad to see Hyper Potions back and tropical house come to Monstercat. Music doesn't get much happier. Hopefully we get something like Distance again.

  15. StanLoad31 Blue says:

    The Best Part is Danyka Nadeau singing – why isn't everyone like Pegboard Nerds and Stonebank (PS this was a dare, still don't like the song but I normally keep my thoughts to myself)

  16. Travis Dean (Travis200136) says:

    Monstercraft has turned 100% into weeaboo music.

  17. Nanofreak The Paradox Maker says:

    Goodness, I love this track! From the vocals, to childish/uplifting riff, to the addictive rhythm, to the inspirational lyrics… I think Monstercat has hatched out one of their famed masterpieces!

  18. PH45Gaming says:

    Am I the only one that noticed you could sing Distance to this almost perfectly? Love both songs either way <3

  19. DementedDerp9 says:

    to slow for me

  20. Afha Faiz says:

    This makes me calm and happy :D

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