Poptopia Funko Pop Mystery Box/Viewer Mail Unboxing!

Clip of Nacho Libre from VLIPSY – https://vlipsy.com/vlip/nacho-libre-nachoooooo-aFnoKidX

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All possibilities from our first mystery box!

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20 Responses to Poptopia Funko Pop Mystery Box/Viewer Mail Unboxing!

  1. hedgehog6973/KlutterKitty says:

    YAY: LIEN, PRONOUNCED LEAN Omg sooooo happy sooo happy, to see your happy!!!! Sorry my hand writing is so bad… LOL Maybe I will make you a bigger dream catcher… Omfg I love the music for the dream catcher read, so love you guys!! #hedgeonald!!!
    LMAO, at pusheen disgugusted face!!
    Jessica, figured the new mommy needed a lil spoiling, I love miss schwan!!
    Wait to you see my happy face on IG

  2. hedgehog6973/KlutterKitty says:

    I think this is my 4th view… Just makes me soooo happy!!


    Another great video guys, love the items from Hedgehog and the Poptopia pulls weren't too bad. #2Pops #Ilike2PopsandIcannotlie

  4. AStitchInTime says:

    Pamper kit.

  5. AStitchInTime says:

    I love Superman fangirl been a fan since I was four and that was along time ago.

  6. Jesus Garcia says:

    Great video guys! I love how genuine you guys are 🙂

  7. Kyle Brickeen says:

    Just started collecting pops! Like a month ago! I'm trying to collect marvel, and Disney and movies that mean something to me. And Nacho libre is on that list!!!!

  8. Hashtag Larry says:

    Awesome video as always!!

  9. Subject: Charlie says:

    Great video nacho❤️

  10. Jessica's pops and toys says:

    #2pops lol. im sorry i dont watch adventure time. my favs were the pusheen and venom outfits and the flerkin pop

  11. Richard Ficchi says:

    Awesome gifts and mystery box!! Love Goose!!! #BellaRules #Pusheen #LoveYouGuys #IceKing

  12. Mystery Pop Theater says:

    I like that Flerken, 2 Pops. #OHMYGLOB
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  13. Giltord says:

    Nice box guys. I've been meaning to get the nacho Libre set, that movie is one of my childhood favorites.

  14. Britton Danielson says:
  15. bakedsoup says:

    I now remember who Steven reminds me of. Especially after you read the dreamcatcher note… Thorin Oakenshield. Haha. As in, the Richard Armitage version from The Hobbit movie. Haha. Awesoome content as always!

  16. hedgehog6973/KlutterKitty says:

    #watcheditagain!! Love you guys! Such an awesome couple… Hope to see bella sometime in the onsies..

  17. Sara Aldrich says:

    Epic Video 2 Peas In a Pop And OMG Goose The Chase Flerken

  18. Wallie’s World of Toys says:

    Hello Steven and Jessica!
    Super cool Dream Catcher and adorable jumpers for Bella! Nice beard stuff for you; Steven! Very sweet of hedghog6973/KlutterKitty! As for the pop meh I never liked Nacho Libre. But glad you like it even though you already had the pop. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Frankie Talley says:

    After a long rough night at work yalls video definitely put a smile on my face and brought out a laugh thank you two peas

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