SmackDown Recap: Drake Maverick’s Boyhood Dream Comes True

Join host John Rocha and Ryan Satin as they recap last night’s episode of SmackDown Live.

This includes:

– Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods putting on a great match
– Drake Maverick finally winning the 24/7 Championship
– Heavy Machinery as the new Bushwhackers
– Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens
– Alexa Bliss and Bayley getting personal
– The Miz and Shane McMahon resuming their feud

And more!

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12 Responses to SmackDown Recap: Drake Maverick’s Boyhood Dream Comes True

  1. Kendell33 daKING says:

    I love the wwe 2k19 discussion. I know how you feel ryan. I have a AEW vs NXT universe mode & i have a Women's wrestling standalone universe. Good discussion on smackdown. Also enjoy the show in general!

  2. Molsy 176 says:

    I agree on the overuse of the superkick, but I'd actually go further. Every time seth rollins has a match he uses every single one of his moves, and so do most wrestlers. It makes the matches all blend into one. The only match I can properly remember from the entirety of the last year was the KO vs Seth for the IC title. Nothing feels unique any more. Just once I want to see matches finish with a normal move. Theres no suspense in matches anymore because as soon as a finisher is used then that's it

  3. Molsy 176 says:

    I haven't played a wwe game in like a decade. Does the latest one have a manager mode where you can book feuds and stuff, aim for higher ratings and have a budget etc ( like in the 2007 one I think )? If so I may get it, I loved spending my time trying to get high ratings and booking the champions just right

  4. ULATAN says:

    Everyone who says Gable's not successful because he's too small, also blames Kenta for not succeeding because of his injuries. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. AZbadfish says:

    I wish I could figure out the controls in 2k19. I got in on PS4 but I can't figure out how to do anything lol.

  6. wayneswirl says:

    The best Raw & SDL discussions. Love Ryan's view on things. Rocha straight up wildfire😂

  7. Heath Jones says:

    I also went deep into creating wrestlers and entrances back in the day on Smackdown vs Raw 2010 or 2011. My cousin and I created 20 to 30 classic WWE and WCW guys that weren’t in the game and because it was on PS3 we were able to copy the theme music to the system and use it for the entrances. It was awesome! Whichever game it was also had a story creator mode and I remember creating a story line where Goldberg teamed up with DX to take out NWO. I typed in the dialog and everything. So yeah you’re not alone being super nerdy Ryan

  8. Richard Logan says:

    I cant stand Corbin. Not only because of his olive garden attire, but his mic skills are horrendous, and his skill set is bland. As annoying as lars Sullivan is. I turn the channel every time Corbin comes on

  9. Richard Logan says:

    Last night I dreamt that I defeated R Truth for the 24/7 title… 🎉😆

  10. Pangasauras says:

    I enjoyed this week’s Raw and Smackdown

  11. Jacob Hunt says:

    If you get WWE 2k19 on pc, you can mod in any music you want.

  12. Khuwayne Linton says:

    For those who want to hear them actually talk about SD, it starts at 7:51
    Just saying lol

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