Alina Baraz – ELECTRIC ft Khalid – Choreography by Jake Kodish – #TMillyTV

Alina Baraz - ELECTRIC ft Khalid - Choreography by Jake Kodish - #TMillyTV

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Alina Baraz – ELECTRIC ft Khalid – Choreography by Jake Kodish

Dancers: Jake Kodish, Jason Glover, Paul Karmiryan, Brandon Beltran, Gaynor Hicks, Sam Holmberg, Monica Delehanty, Alekz Samone

Watch Sean Lew dance this choreography:

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Produced by Tim Milgram
Filmed by Donovan Okimura

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20 Responses to Alina Baraz – ELECTRIC ft Khalid – Choreography by Jake Kodish – #TMillyTV

  1. Tim Milgram says:

    Tutorial is now available! Learn this choreography from Jake:

  2. Lone Ranger22 says:

    Loved it👊👌👏👏👏👏.

  3. M.J. Morris says:

    Anybody find the name of that remix?

  4. Mahnoor Munir says:

    last guy killed it, amazing moves 😍

  5. jxst_leāā says:

    WTF! This is a robot ?! 🤖

  6. KeYanna Bruguier says:

    Damn this a beautiful imprint are forever on my soul!!!

  7. junior dodger says:


  8. Rita Gutierrez says:

    Wow, amazing!!🤙

  9. Anita Kaur says:

    Is it just me that that has 0:58 on repeat 😍

  10. Ja'Clynn Cadore says:


  11. mikhaa dxzt says:

    I love u, Jake :'(

  12. Fred Bailey says:

    Awesome video as always!!!

  13. Hannah says:


  14. Grecia Osorio says:

    El unico comentario en español jajaja 😂 Saludos desde Peru 😍 Haces unas coreo unicas, ojala hubieran escuelas de baile en mi pais como esta Admiracion y respeto x lo que haces.

  15. Nicole Jones says:

    Jake is so…. 😩😍 I Love all of his choreo. But this? Is one of my faves!!!

  16. M Watson says:

    Love this! Great stop-start, emphasis, and independent styling, esp from the guys 😉

  17. Bryan Farrar says:

    Jake's performance needs no commentary, he's the orchestrator of this "killer" (quality) dope routine we see before are awe inspired witnessing eye's.. That center Blonde in group #2 rockin those oldskull Shredder's Metalica..her interpretation takes the cake as I'm concerned no question. Her moves exemplify… scratch that, her Rhythm complimenting Rock solid coordination/Vice Versa she's channeling some haunted puppet memories from a traumatic childhood ur sumthin, So on point I can almost see those strings.. by the time she concludes her set Blondie's achieving the virtual embodiment of da dancing marionette! Shits so ill it killz!!! Eh, mad props to givin tribute to Dem legendary Banger's too!….Girl after my own heart 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Belkacem Bouthayna says:

    Sean just destroyed everyone who danced to this song, including jake kodish

  19. Enimsaj Htby says:


  20. Drashti Dee says:

    I love your musicality😭

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