Random ZOMBIES!!! Dis Raps For Hire Season 1 Episode 3 & 4 | REACTION


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20 Responses to Random ZOMBIES!!! Dis Raps For Hire Season 1 Episode 3 & 4 | REACTION

  1. Eric says:

    Someone should let EPIC Lloyd know that he drew a holly on his back. Mistletoe has white balls not red. lol

  2. HeadMistressKat says:

    Still gotta react to "The Gawd" man, waiting to see how you are able to handle his word play man!!

  3. madK variety says:

    Damn right still mad

  4. Jake Davenport says:

    You got to do some more country's songs. You do an awesome job and you have to do Boy by Lee Brice it's the perfect song for fathers with little boys

    Also look at doing Cole Swindel's song you should be here

  5. terry brennan says:

    Check 1, 2. It's your boy L I'm back with some fresh dis raps for you

  6. The Eternal Bard says:

    Epic Lloyd punts everybody

  7. 21 Century RavenRen says:

    I can't wait for the nect episode. Dis 5 is my favorite.

  8. Oria Cruz says:

    Genius word play in the 4th

  9. Oria Cruz says:

    Yooooooo i suggested the 3 saying that one was fire i meant the 4th one is fire against Jennifer its sooo good

  10. Nátán Kende says:

    That 4th one was crazy good.

  11. paxmorgana says:

    Ayy, you should check out Dan Bull's Frostpunk rap, it's a song about a videogame, but his skills are on par with some "real" rappers, he just likes video games more than listing off things he owns.

  12. Dark Water says:

    The mistletoe line and telling the kid to get out of his dads wallet was EPIC! For the one with the solder bro I dont even know where to begin he straight up slaughtered that one!

  13. Arash Badr says:

    Lmfao! The Zombies in Iraq and Afghanistan!! Lmao I totally get this! And I love it! Much Love to all of my fellow Combat Medics, 68Whiskeys and Corpsmen.

  14. Michelle Hamilton says:

    You should react to
    Alabama Shakes
    Don't wanna fight no more

  15. Tobster 1155 says:

    You should check out Bitcoin rap battle debate Hamilton vs Satoshi. It has epiclloyd vs TimDeLaGhetto and I think you would enjoy it

  16. Derek Klosner says:

    My man, check out the oversimplified channel.
    They are hilarious

  17. Raheme Johnson says:

    I should hire Lloyd to dis her for an entire season. That story is a little too common for us while


  18. VanTheMan says:

    Plz do all of them it is so fire

  19. Robert Heath says:

    You want to laugh you have to check out
    The Lacs- City boys nightmare
    High as Willie Nelson

  20. Rayyan Tabba says:

    Check out epic video game rap battles

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