IT: Chapter 2 Rap by JT Music – "What You're Scared Of"

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Sadly, the music video with the trailer footage got removed and we received a strike. So here’s the song with Skull rapping instead. Perfectly 100% copyright free 🙃

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IT: Chapter 2 Rap by JT Music – “What You’re Scared Of”

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20 Responses to IT: Chapter 2 Rap by JT Music – "What You're Scared Of"

  1. Jason Voorhees says:

    Youtube strikes again.

  2. Diddy Danger says:

    Zarya vs heavy

  3. :.*Day Light*.: says:

    "You know what's scarier than clowns?"…."WHEN A VIDEO ON YOUR CHANNEL IS TAKING DOWN"

    I feel your pain bro,Warner Bros need to float to know the taste of fear…

  4. XTiger PlaysX says:

    Those balloons are triggering my Clown OCD…

  5. PinkStar Gaming says:

    I knew you would get a strike. Damn.

  6. FoxyFactions72 says:

    I’m very happy this song is back up i really enjoyed it the first time I listen to it! It’s amazing! Sorry about the strike, hopefully it’s removed soon!

  7. binky negron says:

    do a rap on garden warfare battle for neighorville

  8. Vekaaz says:

    I love This Dudeeeeeee Zzz Please Don't End This I think u are better than Eminem xDD

  9. Adrian Patarroyo vargas says:

    How to make it chapter

  10. Valeriy Nokhrin says:

    Hay JT rap I got something I've been working on a rap and I was wondering if you could check it out and let me know what you think?

  11. James Branning says:

    They took the origanal video to area 51

  12. thienanime says:


  13. killeing says:

    JT Music's uploading speed is scarier than IT.

  14. Jack and Jeff Hardy says:

    ZZZzzzzzzZZzzzz… ZzzzZZzzzz… ZZzzz
    huh? oh yeah, imma go listen to Bioshock Rap now

  15. Psydokel says:

    love it

  16. Craft says:

    This style feels similar to bioshock.edit
    Never mind,uncharted

  17. Hollie Hughes says:

    I don’t get it either

  18. The Grim Reaper Himself says:

    You should make a rap about the game the darkness

  19. FAZLAMO VOOT says:

    oh shit your previous it mv was taken down shit how

  20. Road warrior 799 says:

    Today I’m gonna see it chapter 2 can’t wait

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