Justin Bieber IS CANCELLED (Here is Why)

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6 Responses to Justin Bieber IS CANCELLED (Here is Why)

  1. ImDeeTiller says:


  2. shan shan says:

    Like I’m support him but if he did RAPE someone I’m a female so hella no amma support a fellow female but until it’s proven I’ll support him cause he apologized for doing things in his past the man had to face the entire world and their harsh judgements as a CHILD people can’t grow and and move on because of hate

  3. rkajr99 says:

    He not canceled. All of those all lies and false evidence taken out of context

  4. Gabriel Escobar says:


  5. Izuku Midoriya says:

    I don’t hate Justin but why would he do something SO wrong??

  6. Hectic PROYT says:

    You quick asf

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