FREE "Decisions" Drake ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat | Freestyle Instrumental

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🎤 new drake ft. kendrick lamar type beat / instrumental – “decisions” | freestyle instrumental

78 bpm
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15 Responses to FREE "Decisions" Drake ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat | Freestyle Instrumental

  1. Drew's Reminders says:

    Love your beats. I used one of your beats on a video. It's now one of my favorites

  2. Smiley Nation says:

    Bless my enemies

    When I messed up
    I would just end stuff
    I would let it go enough
    That I'd just quit now
    But I didnt know how it
    Was so crazy soundin
    Give up let down and
    Let failure surround ya
    Wow it's pure nostalgia
    Why would I let a challenge
    Break me down with malice
    When I had the tools to
    Break them in and pull through
    Start again endure bruises
    Demons they can't hurt you
    They seem to discourage you

    God is in the area
    Bless my enemies (yuh)
    Bless-ed are the free (yuh)
    Finish up the tantrums
    No one understands them
    Go repair the damage
    No despair to manage
    Artists paint the canvas
    A new age advances
    Divided and abandoned
    Race v race is not the path and
    We love you all regardless
    Political parties start this
    They Keep dividing our kin
    Telling us how we should all live
    We all bleed red so there no skin
    Color is the way we need to see it
    Only one motive chaos is the reason
    Anarchists are feastin
    Want us to give up our freedom
    Too puzzled to piece it
    Together whether we shake off endeavors
    Making hatred severe
    We shouldn't even need a reason
    It's obvious the people overseein
    Certain states there's no debate
    That their charged with treason
    Lock em away throw away the key and
    Give em bread to eat
    And let their conscious eat em
    (And let their conscious eat them)

    I agree that the left has gone too far
    I agree that they gotta heal their scars
    A party based on feelings pin the problems right on you
    Bless my enemies, for they know not what they do

    Edit: dawg if you see this then I'm buying a lease! I wanna send you a link when BME drops

  3. Savage Royale says:


  4. marcus edwards says:

    I am the chemist

    get high off the physics

    My mind is infinite

    the sky is limit

    Dont idle lets get it

    Best handle your business

    We fight In the trenches

    We fight till the finish

    So we living like kings

    Or die in the business

    Decisions decisions

    Decisions decisions

  5. David George says:

    Dey don't know whether to hate me or love me but deep down inside dey wanna be just like me so true too my God-Damn self just like Spike Lee🎤

  6. ELLEITHY says:

    Them emotional melodies are hittin hard 💯

  7. Hosea King says:

    6 ish 🔥

  8. Abbas Khan says:


  9. Wxlfgang says:

    this beat is honestly so tight, keep up the great work my man, rooting for you

  10. BridoBeats says:

    Dope shit bro i freestyled on it +1 sub

  11. UNION44 says:

    Got me freestyling on spot! Dope bro!

  12. Cloudius Beats says:


  13. CezaMVO says:

    It has been an honor watch you grow into the beast that you are now lucid. Following you for years and still excited each time you drop something new. I like the ominous vibe on this, dope.

  14. Tchelo 22 says:

    Muito bom esse beat salve nação brasileira🎶🎼🎶🎼

  15. Rikochet States says:

    Dope beat🔥🔥🔥
    Already found a few melodies and a hook to this beat.

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