Unsettling Moments In Cartoons I Like (Happy Halloween!)

Thank You for Watching!

Happy Halloween! Hope you like this somewhat creepy video
I didn’t really put them in any particular order so I hope no one thinks I like some of the shows more than the others.

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20 Responses to Unsettling Moments In Cartoons I Like (Happy Halloween!)

  1. Spooky Loves Boba says:

    Unsettling ≠ Scary

  2. Margarida Correia says:

    I know this was supost to be unsettling but….. that line from Badgerclobs make me lost it!
    Badgerclobs: get's out of a costume in a creeeeeeeeeepy way S U P?
    kkkkkkkkkkk (sorry for any bad english)

  3. eEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE says:

    I’m glad you made the things spoopy and not actually unsettling to watch

  4. Official Whale says:

    It’s spooky time

  5. Pizza Time says:

    Happy spooky month everyone be safe trick or treating

  6. Zacharie Howe says:

    What's is up with kids shows and body horror?

  7. sneksis - says:

    HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!¡!¡

  8. King Crawfish says:

    This video was very Spooky , Spooks.

  9. MLG RoBoT says:

    What does spooky loves boba mean anyway? Who is spooky and also who is boba

  10. Efe Yiğit says:

    4:02 IT WAS ME, MAO MAO! ( Yes, JoJo reference )

  11. Harou the Artist says:


  12. Carmen Ponce says:

    I wish i had candey

  13. Kerorofan says:

    "You know, for kids!"

  14. Weronika Morawska says:

    1:30 what is that show?

  15. plaguedvenice _ says:


  16. faaris the bfb fan says:

    3:484:32best part

  17. Braceletboi says:

    The last clip is funny because anyone who hasn't watched Mao Mao would think the protag is the fox lol

  18. Oliver McGrath says:

    CN just wants us to make more depression jokes

  19. Latralle Jones says:

    Because of this I won't sleep well tonight

  20. Aidan Bennewise says:

    Okay, 1. I love this so effing much, and 2. the music at the beginning is great to bop off too, I'd love a remix if anyone's got it 😉

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