Brawl Pass Skins + Pins + Animations + New Music + Rewards

In this video we will see everything about the new brawl pass season 6 including animations of Belle and Brawl Pass Skins Pins and also the new background music

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20 Responses to Brawl Pass Skins + Pins + Animations + New Music + Rewards

  1. Christopher says:

    why the watermarks bro? 😭😢

  2. Josué says:

    The loosing animation of Belle and her skin are the same that will change in the future?

  3. Mustafa says:

    how you founda that

  4. lazy teima says:

    Belle has a similar losing pose to Mortis.

  5. Themasterofgunz says:

    This is a really cool vid 🔥
    In the next vid can you do the new brawlers facial animation

  6. CuanTicU _ says:

    Thanks for this

  7. Raul1009V says:

    Pins animation???

  8. Core Alpha says:

    Wait…where were the pins?

  9. canal top top says:
  10. Pancake Waffle says:


  11. Bobby Singh says:

    When will you showcase the animated pins?

  12. Takito Riko says:

    New sound to loading screen please

  13. EFE GAMİNG says:

    New brawl pas whatt and new mod?

  14. Ness says:

    I'm convinced Belle is related to Colt

  15. mouadh kaddachi says:

    colt gun broke through his hat 0:32

  16. mouadh kaddachi says:

    the belle face when she lose it same face colt when he lose

  17. James Clifton says:


  18. Kishan sahu says:

    Thank you for this much all to saw us .

  19. XMega says:

    Damn i was expecting the og theme from before brawl pass, but this is nice too

  20. Cross!Sans says:


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